We look forward to your interest in our product and would like to give you an understanding of the theoretic principles of neuromuscular stimulation after the principle of cytologic regulation therapy as well as the treatment principle and the practical use in training, prophylaxis and complementary therapy on the following pages. Our user-videos inform you about the use of the NeuroStim® unit.

Clients Say...

  • In March 2015, DOSB phyisotherapist Nadine Holzhammer supervised the Alpine skiers at the 18th Winter Deaf-Olympics in Khanty-Mansiysk and Magnitogorsk / RUS. All efforts were rewarded with the bronze medal of Philipp Eisenbahn. Congratulations.

  • We got to know the Matrix treatment trough the company Iwest. We have a Hanoverian mare aged 15 and named Rising Sun. This horse was successfully presented to dressage riding by our daughter Caroline. Already in 2010 we successfully treated the mare with NeuroStim after a tendon injury. Then our daughter successfully started up to Kl.S. In Summer 2014 the…

  • Big and small dogs like the NeuroStim®! You can ideally use the Overo unit even at breathing problems. It is easy to use and has a long-lasting battery. We do not only use the NeuroStim® in physiotherapeutic treatment with dogs but also present it in our education for dog physiotherapists according to WOSSLICK.  

  • … Horses with joint blockade or muscle strain – Stephanie Schinkel cares about animals in a soft way. The skilled physiotherapist releases them from their suffering with massage and acupuncture.

  • … I treat horses with NeuroStim® for many years now. Especially in the high performance sector, optimized periods of convalescences are very important. With NeuroStim® I can optimally complement my therapy methods like acupuncture and chiropractic and so integrate the horses quickly without staining them too early.  

  • … to keep our horses fit, the NeuroStim® treatment belongs to the accompanying measures in our team for many years. Despite the high strain for the horse´s locomotory system which can compulsory occur at cutting-sports, our horses can show a constant performance.  

  • … in connection with horse-rehab specialist Thomas Gnadl we always accompany our horses with NeuroStim® in training as well as in the arena – the aimed performances speak for themselves…

  • The horses on our farm are regular checked on by horse physiotherapists and always perceive the treatment with NeuroStim as very enjoyable and relaxing. You can also feel the relaxed musculature as rider, the horse walks chilled and stands easy at the aids….

  • At our place we use the NeuroStim® almost every day. Not only at convalescent, to encourage the self-healing but also to loosen the musculature of riding horses, to protect and to loosen possible tension….  

  • … in western-tournament sports we have high expectations to the use of muscles at horses. At Ludwig Quarter Horses we regularly use the NeuroStim® before or during the daily training and so keep the performance constant. Stress problems so don´t even occur. With its battery the unit is freely usable and is also in our luggage on tournaments…. Grischa Luwig Torsten…



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